Online Doctor - Telemedicine Florida

Here are some of the conditions we may treat via telemedicine:

What Our Patients Say

Dennis Lee

For several days I felt pain in my large toe. I thought I broke it. They quickly diagnosed me with gout. Don’t know how they do it over the video conference but these doctors are very knowledgeable. Great medical team. Thank you all

Sandy L

I usually do not write reviews. I have to say though since there are many people without insurance who cannot afford to pay high doctor’s office fees and medications. This online service is very affordable. My prescription got refilled in minutes. The PA was professional. I will use them again.

Melissa R

Ran out of birth control pills. I could not reach PCP for days and ended up calling this place. It is a very helpful service. I wish I knew about it before.

Eric S

I never used an online doctor before. UCO Medical clinic helped with my pink eye. It was fast help. Health practitioner was very professional.